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How to Grab a Favicon from any blog/website?

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Favicon is an image icon that usually used to represent a brand of any online blog/website. The word FAVICON is a combination of two words FAVORITE and ICON. Favicon is also known as “Shortcut Icon”, “Website Icon” or “Bookmark Icon”. Browsers that support favicon will display the webpage’s favicon in the browser address bar next to the page’s title on the tab. The size of the favicon should always be 16x16 pixels.

A favicon can be any of the below mentioned image formats.

  • ICO
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • Animated GIFs

If you want to have a unique favorite icon to your blog/website, then you need to create your own FAVICON using any image or photo editing software. Most of the cases you end up creating favicon which is not that good as you are not a professional in creating such icons. But you see many websites online that use most attractive and beautiful favicons and you thought of downloading and using the same favicon to your blog/website too.




I will not encourage any of the readers to download and use the favicons of other websites to your blog/website. It is always good to have your own unique favicon to your blog/website which distinguish your blog/website from others. If you are not able to create your own favicon, then there is a way to download favicon from any other online website to your computer which can then be uploaded onto your blog/website.

Here is a simple way to grab favicon of any website by just replacing the website/domain name from the below sample code.


Using any of the above links will give you the favicon used on

You need to just download the favicon and use it on your blog/website.

Here are some more examples to get favicon of many other websites. => This will give google favicon => This will give yahoo favicon => This will give orkut favicon => This will give twitter favicon> This will give the favicon of my blogger’s blog “Amazing Blogger Tricks”

Similarly you can grab the favicon of any online blog/website by just replacing the website name highlighted above.

In this post, I have explained how to grab a favicon from any online blog/website. Please refer my other post on “How to Add a Favicon on Blogger” to know how to add the downloaded favicon to your blog.


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