Monday, 15 July 2013

How to Add - Special effects to the images?

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Using normal images makes the blog routine and boring for the blog visitors. In order to make the blog attractive and user friendly we need to have some beautiful images with special effects. The blog should have images with special effects that could make the visitor to stay and go through the blog content.
The most attractive parts of any blog is the images posted on the blog.

So make sure the images posted have some special effects rather than the old boring normal images.
We can have the below special effects added to the images uploaded on to the blog.
  • Stacked Polaroid effect
  • Tilt and Shadow effect
  • Oil paint effect
  • Other effects
Stacked Polaroid effect

Let us see the process of adding the above special effects to the images on blog posts.

Step 1: Create or Download the images which we need to upload on to the blog.
Step 2: Add special effects to the images using as explained below.
1. Go to website
2. Upload the picture to which the special effects to the applied.
3. Click "Polaroid" and then select "Stack effect" and click "Apply" to see the changes to the uploaded image.
4. Then click "Save to Disk" to save the image to local machine.

Step 3: Now the special effects are added to the image and available on the local machine. You can upload this image having special effects to any online blog or website.
Thumbs upThat’s it Guys! … the special effects are added to an image and uploaded on to a blog.

Island with a palm treeNOTE: We have many other options and effects available under "Modify Picture" options area on this website which could help you in modifying and adding effects to the image.
Light bulbExamples: Here is an example of the image for which "Stacked Polaroid effect" is applied.
Stacked Polaroid effect

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