Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Share buttons are very much important on blogger as they would help us popularize our posts to multiple social networking sites. If we have the post content that is very useful, then the visitors will definitely want to share the posts with their fiends. If we have the share buttons added to the blogger, then the visitors can straight away click the corresponding button and share the posts with their friends and family. So adding share buttons to the blog makes the posts popularize and reach a large number of people. Also, if we have Static share buttons which are always available to the visitors (i.e even upon scrolling through the blog content) makes blog powerful as visitors can share the post content from any page and any where on the blog as the share buttons are static.

Let us see the process of adding a vertical Static share buttons side bar to Blogger.

Step1: Go to Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML -> find </head> and Paste the below code just before </head>

Step2: Save the template.

Step3: Now Go to: Dashboard -> Layout -> Add Gadget -> HTML/JavaScript

Step4: Add the below code to HTML/JavaScript gadget content area and save the gadget.

Step5: Now click "Save Arrangement" and view blog to see the changes.

Now we have added the static vertical share buttons bar to the blogger.

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  1. How to add different share buttons??

  2. Do you mean separate buttons with each share icon?

  3. Finally got what I was looking for..Thanxx buddy !!
    Also have a look at my blog http://social-media4you.blogspot.in/

  4. Here's a link to our share buttons: https://shareaholic.com/pub...
    You can add all the buttons you need, and have them appear on the top and/or bottom of posts.
    For example, The Social Media Hat uses our buttons above their content and at the end of their posts. See how our buttons look on their site:
    Of course, you can customize your buttons in a variety of ways in your Settings.
    If you have any technical issues, feel free to reference our support center (http://support.shareaholic.... but if you can't find what you're looking for, submit a request and we'll be glad to help.



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