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Why Blogger Deleted/Removed your Blog?

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Blogger is one of the best free CMS (Content Management System) platform that provides lots of options and features for creating a free blog. This makes the process of creating a blog lot more easier without hiring a professional developer to develop a blog/site. Blogger also has quite a few limitations on the content we post on blogger which makes us to think one more time whether to use this freely available platform or to rely on paid services like WordPress or any others.

We have some set of terms and conditions that we need to accept before creating a blog (which we mostly won't look into). If we look into the terms and conditions we will come across all the limitations we have on blogger. The limitations are mentioned below.

On repeated violations of terms of service, blogger may permenently delete/remove/disable the blog. Blogger monitors all the blogs hosted on blogger and deletes blogs that violated terms of service on daily basis without giving a second chance to the publisher. The blog will get deleted as its treated as Spam by blogger if violates the terms of service.

Let us see all the reasons in detail that results in your blog getting deleted from blogger.


Spam is a one word used for all kinds of illegal activities on the internet, which could result in deletion of not only the site but also the account. Some examples include, a website was created to trigger traffic to your site through black hat methods or to boost up the search listing, posting prevent comments on other sites with an intention of to diverting more and more traffic to our site, scrapping content from other sources to generate revenue or gain personal profits.

Hosting Pirated Content

Since, Blogger is the only free and robust CMS platform people often tries to take over advantage of it by hosting pirated content on their site. Pirated content means the content that we won't own but acts as if we own it. For example a person who is providing paid software like Music videos, games, applications for free which is a crime.  If we spread pirated content on our blog, then the blog would be deleted and also you might be jailed in some cases. So it's always better to stay away from sharing pirated content online.

Hosting Adult Content and Nudity

Hosting adult content is allowed on blogger which includes, images, videos which contains nudity or sexual activity only if the blog is marked as “Adult” in blogger setting (Dashboard -> Settings -> Others -> Adult = Yes). There are few limitations while hosting adult content that includes : No for too many ads, Porn site can't be linked in footer area or anywhere else on the site.

Introducing Malware and Viruses

If we have malwares or virus in the content we have on blogger might lead to deleting the blog from blogger. Do not use any scripts that will show up pop ups which illegally attempts to install unnecessary/unwanted software without the permission of end users. This could lead to blog deletion on blogger.

Content Copyright Violation

Blogger take legal actions against all the alleged copyright infringement on the internet. If we repeatedly copy others content which may trigger the original owner to report the copyright issue to Google DMCA whch might lead to blog/site deleted. Repeated Copyright violations might lead to blog/site getting deleted or terminating even after giving the second chance.

We have lot more like the ones mentioned above that could result in deletion of blog.
So, its always better to completely know all the limitations or Terms of Service before using it because the loss would be huge if we involve in such kind of Terms of Service violations.

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