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How to Add - Images to Blogger?

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We can add Images to blogger in three ways.
1. Copy paste the image onto a blog post
2. Inset image option - used to upload image that we have on our local machine (or Personal computer)
3. Embed HTML code for the image with image URL from any of the image hosting websites on internet.

Let us see the process of adding videos in both the above mentioned ways.

1. Copy paste the image

We can copy an image or a part of the image and paste it on to blog post where ever required.

2. Insert Image option

Place the cursor in the blog post where we want the image be inserted and click "Insert image" option as highlighted in the image below.

Then select the image from local machine and upload it to blogger.

2. Embed HTML code for the image.

Get the URL for the image from image hosting websites.
For example get the URL of an image I have it on one of my test blogs as shown below.

Then use the URL in the below HTML code for an image.
img src=""/> - See more at:
<img src=""/> - See more at:

<img src="IMAGE URL GOES HERE"/>

After replacing the IMAGE URL the code looks like the one below.

<img src=""/>

Now we can use the above HTML code to embed with any HTML code anywhere on the blog.

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