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How to Add - Read more link to blog post?

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Blogger provides a default "Read more" functionality. This allow us to display a part of blog post content on home page and the complete post content will be displayed when the we click "Read more" link.

To get the Read more link displayed for a blog post we need to insert jump break option. Using jump break will add "Read more" functionality only for the post in which its inserted. And all other blog posts will not get this "Read more" functionality. So we need to insert jump breaks for all the posts individually if we need "Read more" link for all the posts on the blog.

Let us see the process of adding a "Read more" link to blog post.

1. Write a post on blogger.

2. Place the cursor in the blog post where we need to place "Read more" link and click "Insert Jump break" as shown below.

3. Save and publish the post.

4. View blog to see the Read more link displayed exactly where we inserted jump break in the blog post.

Now the blog post should have the "Read more" link added.

NOTE: If we want to change the default wording "Read more" with something like "Continue Reading". Then follow the below steps.
Go to: Dashboard -> Layout -> Edit (Blog Posts)



Change "Read more" to "Continue Reading" (or something else you need) and click Save.
Then view blog to see the changes "Read more" changes to "Continue Reading"


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