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How to Add - Contact form to Blogger?

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Contact form is very important for a blog which would help us get connected with the blog visitors. The blog visitors can send mails to blog owner at anytime using the contact form. The contact form is designed to send emails to the blog owner from the blogger.

In order to get the contact form added to blogger, we need to have the HTML code which we can get it generated from one of the contact form HTML code generating websites:

Let us see the process of adding Contact Form to blogger.

1. Go the the website:

2. Select the Contact form options
Required fields -> determines the fields that we want on Contact form.
Background Colour -> Colour of Contact form background
Font Colour -> Colour of the font on Contact form
Font and Font size -> determines the type of font to be used on Contact form
Target Email address -> The address to which the mails to be sent when submitted through the Contact form.

3. Then enter Antispan data and click "Create Formular" to get the HTML code.

4. Now add the Contact form HTML code anywhere on the blog (Usually on a separate page named "Contact Me" or "Contact Us")

5. Save the Template and View blog to see the changes. The contact form added should display as shown below.

NOTE: If the Contact form width is not suitable for the blog, then we can always change the width value (width=350px) to get it suitable for the blogger page.

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