Thursday, 9 May 2013

Blogger displays Pencil, Wrench and Screwdriver Icons in all the places of the blog where the user is allowed to do any edits. But most of the times it will be an unwanted option for most of us. We can remove such edit icons by unchecking a checkbox displayed below.

Let us see the process of removing such edit icons from the blogger.

1. Go to Dashboard->Layout
2. Click Edit link of "blog Posts" as shown below.

3. Uncheck the option "Show Quick Editing" displayed below.

4. Click "Save" and view blog to see the changes.

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  1. Your tutorials and posts are fantastic!! I have worked through almost all of them. They are so easy to follow & helpful. Thank you!!
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  2. Nice to here that my posts are doing good job.
    Thank you for taking time in commenting ... Keep visiting this blog for more updates on blogger tricks.



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