Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Why the Blogger Home page shows up only one post?

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This is a common problem in blogger. If we have more number of articles/posts on the blog then we usually choose the number of posts that we want to show on the home page (Go to: Dashboard -> Layout -> click "Edit" link of Blog Posts -> Select "number of posts on mail page" under the main page options).

Even after doing the setup mentioned above the blog shows only one post on blog's home page instead of the number of posts to be displayed on the home page as per the setup.

Why this happened? 
This is normally caused when we add a photo into a post by drag and drop, instead of using the "Insert image" wizard in post editor or by adding a photo from the web by drag and drop.  Both "drag and drop" and "from the web" appears to be causing the post to use Base64 encoding. By doing this the image content is served from the post code and not from the hosting service like Picasa. This makes the post extremely large, and triggers auto pagination to cause display page segmentation.

In order to fix this problem and to make the blog show all the selected number of posts on home page, just find the image that was recently added to the blog posts by using "drag and drop" or directly copied image from the web into any of the recent or previous posts and delete all of them and insert them again by using "insert image" wizard in post editor.

Now all the selected number of posts should get displayed on the blog's home page.

I am sure that this is the only solution for this problem.

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