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Why You Should Choose Blogger for Blogging?

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Blogger is the only robust and free content management platform available online. But due to its sluggish and rusty behavior it was not appreciated few years ago. However these days, Blogger is the only platform on which we find huge number of active users (around 400 million active users). The number of active users is very huge and growing at a fast pace. Over the couple of years, the blogger has evolved as one of the best and versatile online blogging platform. Now a days, we can see most of the top industries (like Twitter) are using blogger as a platform to host their content which could make them reach huge population on the internet.

Blogger is not just an ordinary platform for blogging but it has a set of powerful tools and options that could help people to blog as per their interest or requirement. The tools options available would help in different ways to get the content look better and reach huge number on the internet.

2010 was a big year for Blogger in which the blog template designer was updated with many options to easily customize blog without knowing HTML and CSS programming. Also provided an option of using many different stylish fonts with just a click. 2011 is more bigger for blogger in terms of improved user interface and mobile compatibility.

I have come up with few key features that makes us to choose Blogger over others.
  • Free to use CMS Platform
  • Free Professional Templates
  • Free Widget Plugins
  • Almost Zero Downtime
  • Good User Friendly Interface
  • Supports many languages
  • Real Time Statistics & Spam Filtering
Let us see all the above key features in detail.

Free to use CMS Platform

What do we mean by CMS (Content Management System)?
CMS is a computer program that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content and also maintenance from a central interface. CMS provides procedures to mange worflow in a collaborative environment.

Blogger is the only free and open source CMS (Content Management System) platform. Any one can create blogs using blogger without any money being paid for using blogger for creating blogs. Unlike other hosting websites there is not need to buy hosting space because blogger sites are hosted on Google Servers (which are provide free to the users on the internet). We can use for any personal or industrial purposes without any cost.

Why should we spend thousands of dollars to buy a CMS platform which almost has the same features as Blogger? Why a person would hire a tester/ developer if he know all the testing/ developmental skills himself? Apart from blogger all the other CMS companies ask for a yearly license which need to be purchased with huge amount of money every year. But in case of Blogger, its free to use and no money required hosting. Blogger evplace their backlink in blog's footer section.

Free Professional Templates

Blogger provides a wide range of professional blog templates for free. It not that difficult to select and apply a new theme to the blog on blogger (just a click away to change templates of your blog on blogger). Also, if we need a customized template of our choice, then we can upload the template to blogger which is very easy and user friendly interface.

Free Widget Plugins

Blogger has an option of adding widgets and plugins that would help us to build a good looking and healthier site. It also provides a wide range of free Widgets that enables us to add more features to our site. We can also find some reputed developers online who keeps on developing new widgets to keep the blogger platform alive.

Almost Zero Downtime

One of the best site that give the information related to a website uptime and performance is Pingdom. It has once quoted “Since Blogger was the only service with zero uptime at all. We skipped the chart here. We hope you did not mind". It simply would not have that interesting”. But these days, Blogger is the only platform which has zero downtime. Blogger gives us stability and we can always relay on it with our eyes close. Blogger is the only service that is more Stable with Zero downtime.

Good User Friendly Interface

We do not need any developing skills to access and use blogger to develop any site. The interface is not complicated at all and even a person with no knowledge on any coding languages can use and develop a site using Blogger. From the dashboard panel to the settings panel everything is systematically arranged so that a beginner would not feel any difficulty while using blogger. Apart from this, we can always tweak the HTML code of the template and can make special changes that we require for our site. The process of tweaking HTML code is straight forward and simple.

Supports Many Languages

Blogger is available in many languages (50 languages) covering all through the globe. Approximately 75% of the web traffic outside USA is through Blogger. Blogger has around half a trillion words written so far which equates to 5.3 million novels. Blogger users are writing 250,000 words a minute which equates to 5000 novels a day.

Real Time Statistics & Spam Filtering

One best reason to consider blogger above WordPress for blog hosting is the option of displaying Real time Statistics. Blogger provides the number of views by Day, Week and Month and All time. Spam Filtering - Blogger is Completely a open commenting system with spam filtering.

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  1. Hi Arun,

    After reading your above post, I too am interested to create my own blog.
    I am a beginner, can you please guide me through the steps for creating a blog. If there is any post by you regarding this, please let me know the same. TIA




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