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How to Delete - your Blog from Blogger?

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Blogger allows any user to create a maximum of 100 blogs using a single account. As it allows this high number of blogs under single account people used to create unnecessary blogs which can't grab attention of larger group. More often, people creates one site and jumps on to create another one while the older blog remains abandoned and unattended to keep the blog updated for years and keeps. During this time the blog may get filled up with lot of bulks spam comments which makes you feel like disable or delete the blog which contains a lot of scrap spma comments and crappy content etc.,

You can see different options available on blogger dashboard as mentioned below. One of them is to delete a blog from blogger.

Let us see the process of deleting a blog from blogger.

1. Go to: Dashboard -> Settings -> Other

2. Click the link "Delete Blog" highlighted above. This opens up a window for confirmation.

3. Click the button “Delete This Blog" and the delete wizard would take place, and your site would be deleted.
As the blog is removed, the blog is no more active and available on the internet for the visitors. If you want to confirm whether the blog is deleted or not. You can either search the internet with the blog URL. You can also see the blog under "Deleted Blogs" (Blogger home page -> Deleted blogs) of as shown below.

 4. You can also get the blog back to live using "Undelete" button highlighted above within 90 days after the blog is deleted.

Now you are familiar with the process of deleting a blog and its restore.

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