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What is a blog & How to create a blog?

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There are many people on the internet who still do not know what a blog is or why is blogging so rapidly expanding in the cyberspace. All these people deserve the right to know what a Blog is and how can a Blog be created. I feel this short and precise illustrative tutorial would help all those people who just heard of a Blog from internet, friends, or any other source of media. So lets start to find out answers for few important questions that comes in people’s mind as soon as we say the word “BLOG”.

Before applying any blogger trick, one should be familiar with all the basic information regarding Blogger.
So read through the following information which would answer most of the questions.

What is a Blog

What is a Blog?

A blog is something like an Online Notebook Diary which can be viewable by anyone on the web or internet. What do we usually write in our notebook diary? It’s of course the stuff that we like most and the things that we feel important to be recorded and shared with people we like most (usually our friends and family). A notebook diary can contain any topic that we like (examples: hobbies, songs, movies, pets, poems, stories, tutorials, personal feeling and thoughts, about family and friends, home, sports, interested activities like cooking, gardening, makeup, dancing, music etc. A Blog is updated on daily basis by the author with all his experiences or interests that he want to share which can be read by many people and will leave a comment, suggestion or feedback. Blog provides few great options like “Like & Dislike”, “Share”, “Comment” which makes the blog very much interactive between the Readers and Author.

If we write all our personal experiences or learning in a notebook made up of papers, then all our writings will reach only a limited number of people around you but with this kind of Online Notebook (i.e a BLOG) our experiences and any kind of information that we like to share will reach a large number of people on the internet. A blog is always like our voice to the world which speaks on our behalf.

With all the nice information above, I would like to say “A blog is a Personal website where we write and share the interested things with millions of people on the internet”

The video below will provide a more illustrative view of what a Web Blog is.

How to create a Blog?

Creating a blog online is absolutely free and easy. There are many online blog hosting services online that provides various different facilities. We can choose any one of the free services to create a blog but always the best among them is Blogger which is provided by Google. For a beginner it’s always good to start blogging using Blogger as all the features are easily accessible and applied to the blog without paying a penny! This sounds great right? I hope you are ready to start blogging. Want to know more on how to create your own blog? Watch this video which illustrates the process of creating a blog in minutes.

What are the advantages of Blogging?

With Blogging on free service provides, we pay nothing (not even a penny) but can Earn in $$ !! We earn money by displaying advertisements on our Blog. Many people are earning money from $100 to $100,000 monthly! I am not kidding there are blogs online that earn a lot of money by just displaying advertisements on their blogs. But a blog should contain enough stuff for getting advertisements displayed on their 'blogs. I will address this in a separate tutorial on “How to get the advertisements displayed on your blog?”.

By publishing great stuff on the internet will always get followers and friends in the world of Blogosphere and gain respect on the internet. But all this happen with a little hard work and patience. This can’t happen in a day or two, it takes time.

For becoming a great blogger, we need to find out the ways of learning new and different every second online. Choose the interesting area and start blogging with passion which could make you a best blogger. We have a great and unlimited stuff available online. Learn and Share makes a powerful combination to upgrade yourself day by day. Blogging will automatically motivates us to learn more on what we are blogging. I am learning new things day by day with blogging.

What is Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress are the two major blogging platforms available online that help us create and host a free Blog on the internet. If you are confused on which one to start with, I would always suggest you to go for Blogger. Blogger has lot many features which WordPress doesn’t have. The best part is that Blogger allows you to customize the blog template by editing the blog template HTML and CSS code.

It’s enough guys! You know all the basic information about blogging. What are you waiting for? Start blogging which could be a beginning of you new life in the cyberspace.

If you have any questions and want to find more differences between Blogger and WordPress, then check the Comparison sheet below.



Comparison Chart


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