Friday, 19 April 2013

How to Remove - Blogger Navigational bar?

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The basic blog template will always display the blog navigation bar at the top of the blog.
The navigation bar will contain options to navigate to next or previous blog.
This navigation may give the vistors a chance of leaving the blog.

So deleting a Navigational bar makes the visitors to stay longer and view all the pages of the blog.
We need to edit the blog template HTML code.

 Now we will see how we can remove this from blog.

1. Go to Blog Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML

2. Find the following code in blog HTML (Use Ctrl + F in search bar to find the piece of code mentioned)

3. Copy and paste the following code directly Before (or Above) <b:skin>
#navbar-iframe {display: none !important;}

NOTE: Here "display:none !important" means => do not display any and displaying them is not important.
And we are making the "navigation bar frame" to be not displayed on the blog.

4. Save the template and view the blog to see the changes.

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