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How to Install - New Template on Blogger?

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Blogger provides a lot of free templates which you can install on blogger but these templates provided by blogger are good but not very attractive. If you want to make your blog attractive with a nice looking template, then you have to upload and install your favorite nice looking template on to your blog. In order to do this, you need to find out and download your favorite blogger template from the internet. A lot of free blogger templates are available on the internet which you can download onto your computer which can be uploaded to blogger later.

Let us see the process of installing a new template on Blogger.

1. Download the new template from the internet. The downloaded file will mostly be a zip file. Unzip the file using softwares like Winzip or WinRar. The downloaded content should have a xml file which is the template file.

2. Go to: Blogger -> Dashboard -> Template -> Backup/Restore

3. Now click "Download full template" to download the backup of existing template before uploading a new template. It's always nice to have a backup of existing template as it can be used to load it back onto blogger in case of any issues in uploading the new template or if new templates doesn't work well as expected.

4. Now Click "Browse" to select the new template xml file saved on your computer. Then click "Upload " to upload the selected template onto Blogger.

A message will display after successful template upload asking to remove or keep the widgets of your old template. Click "KEPP WIDGETS" to keep the widgets on old template on new template too.

5. Now you have successfully installed the new template. Click "View blog" to see the new template.

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