Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How to Add - Email logo with mailing address to Blogger?

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We can have a logo on the side bars of the blog with email address as a logo.
Also, the visitors can click the logo to send an email to the blog owner/author.

Let us see the process of creating an email logo.
1. Go to: Nexodyn
2. Enter email, provider, domain and click "Generate"
3. The logo will get generated along with its URL on Nexodyn and Save icon option.

4. We can either use the URL where ever we need it or Download the logo and upload it on to a blog which we use as a database for all our blog images.
5. Use the URL of the logo where ever we need it on the blog.

Here is the example of the email logo created.

6. Now make the email logo a clickable link.

<a href="mailto:EMAILID@ADDRESS.COM"><img src="EMAIL-LOGO-URL-HERE" /></a>

EMAILID@ADDRESS.COM : is your email address
EMAIL-LOGO-URL-HERE : is the email logo URL address we get in step5 above.

7. Add the above code in HTML/JavaScript widget or any static link on the blog.

8. Save and view blog to see the changes.

Now we are familiar with the process of creating an Email logo with mailing address in it.

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