Friday, 24 May 2013

How to Add - Glitter effect mouse pointer to Blogger?

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Adding glitter effect to the mouse pointer on blogger give a new look and feel for the blog visitors. It's always required to add some spice up the content we post on the blog which could make the content reach more number of people on the internet. If you are posting a great content on blogger without any kind of user friendly look, the content will get less number of views and will not reach more number of people. If you want your content to reach large number then it's always preferred to add some extra effects that could grab the visitors attention. Adding glitter effect to mouse pointer is one of the special effects that you can have it applied to your blog which could make the blog look more beautiful.

Let us see the process of adding glitter effect to mouse pointer to blogger.

1. Go to: Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML

2. Search for the below code

3. Now paste the below mentioned javascript code just before </head>

4. Save the Template and view blog to see the changes.

Now the glittering effect should get added to the mouse pointer on your blog.

NOTE: You can change the colour of the sparkle by changing the colour value in the javascript code as mentioned below.
var colour="#66FF00"

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