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How to Scan - Blogger for Malware Script?

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We often gets confused whether the blog template selected is potentially free from any kind of malware and malicious scripts. Blogger provides a lot of free professional templates which we can choose to apply for our blog. If we have any kind of confusion or doubt of malware scripts (that may be injected by developer) in the template we are using, we need to get our blog template scanned and make sure the blog template is free from malware scripts.

The ideal way to handle such malicious templates (templates with malware scripts) is to scan them through different tools available on the internet which provides a report post scanning. Also, inspecting or scanning the blog site on a daily basis is a good thing to have our blog site free from malicious scripts.

There are few free scanning tools available on the internet as mentioned below.
  • Sucuri
  • Comodo WebInspector 
  • Virus Total

Lets us see how we can have our blog site getting scanned using the above tools.


Sucuri offers a free to use tool that scans a site and provides information related to any potential risk that the site may have. Sucuri is globally recognized and one of the best security scanning tool available on the internet. The free to use version of this tool will provide only the basic information and should take up the paid version if we are very much worried about our site’s security which provides in depth details of site's security vulnerabilities. On the whole, Sucuri will monitor the site 24x7 after it's installation which could prevent any security threat. Sucuri blocks the IP address that found to be doing some suspicious activities. Sucuri also sends alert messages in case of anything fishy going on on the site by intruders. Sucuri is very good and know how to handle the situations when we are away from the site. Sucuri is best site scanning tool recommended by many leading companies.


Comodo WebInspector is another free scanning tool available on internet that does the same job. It scans the site on the basis of Phishing, Blacklist Checking, Malware Downloads, Malicious Activity and Suspicious Activity as shown below. Most often hackers target site templates to inject links and scripts. So, its always better to have it scanned to boost up the confidence to use the template selected. Comodo protects the site from any kind of spammy links and scripts. It doesn’t provide comprehensive details (like the one provided by Sucuri) but it is worth to use this free tool to scan the site.


VirusTotal is a another scanning tool available on internet. It is a subsidiary of Google and is a free service which helps us to analyze any suspicious files and URLs enabling us to identify worms, trojans, malwares and any other suspicious files incorporated on a site. VirusTotal allows us to scan a site on different available leading antivirus engines and website scanners. We can reply on ViralTotal results as its a service provided by Google.

Click "scan a URL" link available on the home page.

Click "Scan it" to generate the report displayed below.

I hope the above information helps in protecting your site/ blog from malware or malicious scripts that may get incorporated by hackers in site/blog templates.

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