Monday, 13 May 2013

How to Add - A beautiful Search box widget to Blogger?

Posted by Arun Kumar Choppara On 22:01 | 1 comment
Blogger is the only website builder that best suits for those who do not have any knowledge of PHP. Blogger is highly recommended by most of the users and publishers as its easy to use for developing a website. Also, by using blogger we can have our blog ranked highly as its owned by Google itself and this doesn't mean that we do not need any Search engine Optimization techniques.

Most of today's new templates are designed including Search box but old templates did not have Search box widget included in the template. Anyways if we need to have our own customized Search box added to our blog then we need to add some HTML code to our blogger template which we discuss below.

Let us see the process of adding a Customized Search box to blogger.

1. Go to: Dashboard -> Layout -> Add Gadget -> HTML/JavaScript

2. Copy paste the below mentioned code and save the widget

3. Click "Save Arrangement" and view blog to see the changes.

Now the blogger should have the Search box added.

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1 comment:

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