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How to Add - A Favicon to Blogger?

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The word Favicon stands for "Favorite + Icon". The favicon is something that will provide or makes the brand for a blog. We should assign a Favicon (Favicon) to the blog/website to make the blogger look beautiful and look different from other blogs/websites on the internet. The favorite icon will provide a brand image to the blog/website.

Favorite icon is the one that we usually see on the tab along with blog/website description as shown below.

Let us see the process of adding a Favicon to blogger.

1. Go to
2. Use Favicon generator to generate the favicon HTML code using the image/picture we have downloaded.
3. Select the favicon image (image format can be JPEG, PNG, TIFF format images)
4. Select the favicon size
5. Click "Generate Favicon"
6. Download the favicon generated (image format = ico)

7. Now Go to : Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML

8. Search for the below code

9. Paste the below code just before <b:skin>
<link href="your-favicon-links-goes-here" rel="icon" type="image/gif"/>

10. Save and view the blog to see the changes.

Here is an example on how I have added a Favicon to one of my blog.

NOTE: We can get ANIMATED favicons from this website:

Free Websites for cool and attractive Favicon creation.

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