Monday, 6 May 2013

How to Add - A link for sending email?

Posted by Arun Kumar Choppara On 09:11 | 2 comments
There are situations where we ask the blog visitors to send us an email for any clarifications or questions on any of the blog posts. In such situations we need to provide a link which will open up the microsoft outlook to send an email to the blog author. Also, we need to add a link for sending an email to the blog author in contact me page of blog/ website.

Let us see the process of adding a link that could open up microsoft outlook to send an email.

1. Select the text that should redirect to send an email as shown below.
Please do send me an email here.

2. Click "Link" that is displayed on the blog post options as shown below.

2. Enter the "Web address" and "Email address" as shown below.

Click OK.

3. Save and Publish the post/page.

4. View the blog to see the the link added on the blog.

Now click the link which should open up the microsoft outlook with the "To Address" displayed (the same email address we gave while creating the link).

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  1. How can I prepopulate subject and body?

  2. Hi buddy, here we are just creating a link using which a visitor can send an email to the blog owner/author directly without knowing his email address .... when the visitor clicks the link he will get his email service opened with the to address being filled with the blog owner/author's email address. And it's the user's wish to fill up what is needed in subject and body before sending it to author.

    Now coming to "prepopulate subject and body" ... I don't think we can do this using this trick. Please share if you have any other way to prepopulate subject and body.



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